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Trill Beat music

Hello! I'm a 20yr old upcoming Christian artist based in Dallas Texas.

As, a preacher, deliverance minister, songwriter, DJ, producer, singer, and rapper I love to push my boundaries find new talents and learn more and more on doing what I love most, which is spreading the word of God, casting out demons, following/obeying Gods word, and making music that touches his people and draws the called to feel the Holy spirit and his presence.


You can find my latest music on the singles tab located on my homepage. I always love helping people on there walk with God wither with the ministry in Jesus name or music meant to worship and bring his Holy and mighty presence. Feel free to reach out to me for help and help this ministry by subscribing and following the ministry on my socials it would mean more than the world to me and spreads the word of God while keeping you updated!  


Attention upcoming Christian artist,

For collaborations email me at

If you need Prayer or deliverance

email me! We are here for each other!


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